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An authentic home oasis in the Republic of Užupis

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Karina Paulauskaitė

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Vilnius, Užupis, Paupio g.

In Užupis Republic, a top-class semi-detached house has been prepared for newcomers: right next to the Vilnelė River, where fish dance in the evenings and the river tells the story of Vilnius artists, craftsmen and visionaries - after all, it started right here in the 15th century! Here, the sun, flowers and terrace attract you for a cup of coffee.

Talking seriously, you can rarely find such a cosy and special house on offer. The three-level property reflects the spirit of the residents of Užupis - the aesthetics of natural materials, intertwined with creativity, the play of colour, design and art, without burdening the practical side of life and cleverly combined with a comfortable layout of spaces.

The basement is perhaps the most clearly linked to the history of the place. In the 19th century, Užupis was home to many private public baths with bathing facilities. However, the bath for women was the only one. It belonged to Dr. Robert Strauss and had a separate section for women. The offered housing has restored the wall of the former bathhouse, and for today’s spa treatments, there is a six-seater bath leading to a pool decorated with mermaid murals. It is also a sports area with a gymnastics wall.

The living room is connected to the kitchen and is equipped with everything you need for long evenings with friends or family: a large TV set for cinema screenings, a fireplace for conversations, and all the modern appliances for sumptuous dinners. You won’t want to leave, because every corner of the house tells a beautiful and unique story, and the patio door stops you to admire the play of modern stained-glass lights on the wall.

The second floor is the perfect place to relax. The rooms are dominated by rich, soothing colours, and the silence is guaranteed not only by the quality windows but also by the acoustic velour walls that have become part of the interior. The main bath is a separate spa area, where light and water treatments provide energy. The recurring elements of flora and fauna throughout the space seem to extend the feeling of having your own oasis in nature.
The home is not only beautiful, but also smart. The lighting is controlled by an app, there is a security system, air conditioning, and remote solar power is available for an extra charge. There is space for up to two cars in the courtyard and additional spaces can be reserved. The mini-garden is also easy to maintain, with a watering system on both terraces and a fence to keep out prying eyes.

There is nothing to add or subtract - just like Užupis and its galleries, cosy cafés and courtyards, the basilisk rhythm of Vilnius living in the city bastion (called Barbican by locals), which is just a stone’s throw away from the window, and which slows down when you follow the Vilnelė River.

The property is also available for a short-term rent (a few months).

Karina Paulauskaitė

Baltic Sotheby's International Realty

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