Information for the buyer

Real estate assessments

When buying a real estate, it is necessary to establish its preliminary price. This can be done by consulting a specialist.

Getting a credit

When planning to purchase a real estate by taking a bank loan, it is necessary to submit an application for the credit to the bank.

Pre-purchase agreement

After finding the likable real estate object and deciding to buy it, the preliminary purchase agreement with the owner is signed.

The essential clauses of the agreement

The agreement sealed by the notary

After signing the pre-purchase agreement, it should be appealed to the notary and signed the purchase agreement sealed by the notary.

Delivery of the ownership certificate from the Centre of Register to the bank

If the real estate is purchased with the bank loan, the Centre of Registers certificate must be delivered to the bank. After submitting it, the credit agreement is signed.

Mortgage registration and property insurance

Mortgage – it is a real estate pledge as security for a loan without giving up the object to the creditor. It should be noted that the subsequent real estate pledge is possible, if the mortgage agreement does not indicate otherwise. Only insured property can be pledged, except the land. It is important to note that the pledge goes along with the object, which means in change of the owner, the mortgage remains. Therefore, in buying a real estate it is necessary to ensure that no restrictions are applied to the object.

The sheet of agreed mortgage is usually filled and sealed by the notary. The mortgage sheet is signed by the debtor, creditor and the owner of the pledged object. The mortgage is registered in the Mortgage register by the decision of the mortgage judge, after delivering the mortgage sheet to the mortgage institution, where the pledged object is located.

Mortgage sheet usually includes the following clauses

The mortgage becomes valid from the moment of it’s registering in the Mortgage register, after the relevant entries has been filled in the public register.

The mortgage ends after it is signed out from the Mortgage register.

The reasons for the object owner to ask for signing out the mortgage are following