The calm of the sea and the salty sea air, combined with pine tree groves, is like a calm oasis in the middle of the daily rush; the tremendous power of the sea during storms allows you to feel the power of nature, and the Baltic Sea coast, which is about 8000 km long, is the only place where one can enjoy such picturesque sunsets and the unique white quartz sand beaches that, here and there, turn into stonier and steeper shores. And only here – on the shore of the Baltic Sea – we can find washed ashore after autumn storms evidence of the flow of time over thousands of years: our jewel, amber – pine resin tears polished by waves of the sea.
We would like to introduce you to three of the most beautiful seaside properties in the Baltic States that can be used both as peaceful and harmonious retreats and as permanent residences.


Luxurious house in the gulf of the Curonian lagoon, Neringa (Lithuania)

A newly erected, exquisitely decorated house (floor space – 195.57 m²) with adjacent land of 1105 m² by the Baltic Sea in the gulf of the Curonian lagoon, Neringa, only a few steps away from the beach.  The straw roof that perfectly coexists with the more modern roofing reminds one of life by the sea shore and the fishing village traditions, while the light greyish wooden finish of the house harmoniously blends into the surrounding seaside environment. The well-considered arrangement of the house, with calm pastel colours and natural materials used in the interior, will allow the owners and their guests to feel comfortable and cosy. The high ceilings and large windows of the living room, the glazing of which forms one corner of the room, goes up to the ridge and gives an impression of spaciousness, allowing the internal space of the property to seemingly blend with the panoramic view outside the window and opening a view on the Curonian lagoon expanses to the horizon. There is a door to the terrace in the living room, where one can enjoy a sun bath on comfortable loungers in the warm months, while gazing at the sea. The room also has an impressively large fireplace with dark granite finish that will provide warmth in colder evenings and a feeling of cosiness when spending your time with your loved ones. There are bedrooms with separate bathrooms on the second floor of the house. The window and balcony of the master bedroom offer a view on the picturesque sunsets in the Curonian lagoon.
This house can become a family haven of peace and leisure. More information. 


Unique country estate in Pāvilosta municipality (Latvia)

This wonderful rural estate in Pāvilosta municipality by the sea is composed of 4.53 hectares of land, a residential building and a pond of 3,000 m²; there is also a foundation for a guest house on the piece of land. Red bricks used in the exterior finish of the pine-surrounded house, together with Latvian grey boulders, wood and red ceramic-tile roof, create an impression of profoundness. The floor area of the house is 340 m², and there are 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in the house. Only high-quality finishing materials have been used in the residential building; there are three types of heating, a water borehole (154 meters), a conditioner and a home automation system “Teletask”. In the cold months, additional comfort is ensured by floor heating and a large fireplace in the living room, as well as a home theatre. Red bricks are also used in the interior decoration of the building, complemented by the peaceful, sandy shades of wall and floor paints, while a particular impression of warmth is created by the wooden finish of the beams, the furniture and railings. The bed in the master bedroom is made of very ancient and exclusive bog oak. There are Velux and Velux Cabrio skylights installed in the house, but the wall glazing of one wall, which stretches up to the ridge and is facing the sea, as well as the outdoor terrace (area – 33 m²) and the conservatory with an aluminium construction (area – 32 m²), give the impression that you are a part of the surrounding environment.

There is also a basement (195 m²) with a wine cellar.

The property is located only 164 meters from the sea; there is a direct border (170 m long) with the sea and a well maintained forest close by. The area around the building is illuminated with LED lamps, but more comfortable walks to the sea are ensured thanks to a beach boardwalk (total length – 165 m) and a viewing platform (120 m²) on the steep coast. The territory is surrounded by a decorative and functional wood fence. An automatic irrigation system is installed for 2 hectares of land.
The property is perfect for people who want to retreat from the city hustle and bustle and fully relax in an exclusive and fantastic country estate on the seashore! More information.


Summerhouse complex in Saaremaa (Estonia)

This summerhouse complex is located in Estonia, Saaremaa, on the coast of the Küdema bay, and the accessible seashore border is 50 m.    There is an adjacent piece of land of 8,686 m².   The building complex consists of two houses and a unique seating area, and the complex fits perfectly in the surrounding landscape – log houses with thatched roofs, so typical of fishing villages.
The biggest building (floor area of 98.6 m²) consists of a spacious hall with a fireplace, an open-layout living room, a kitchen and bar, a bathroom and several bedrooms, where the attic floor balcony offers a beautiful view of the Küdema bay. There is a terrace with log railing facing the sea, while the tables and benches are made of massive wooden logs.There are utility rooms in the basement.
The guest house is a log house with half of the floor space of the main building – 45.0 m² – and several bedrooms, a bathroom and a garage-storage room, which can also be used for boat storage.
The original seating area overlooking the Küdema bay and the Panga cliff can be used for barbecue parties and relaxation.The seating area is made of natural boulders and limestone, the table is chipped from limestone, while solid wood blocks are used as chairs.There is also a smoker and a spacious outdoor fireplace.There is a wooden boardwalk leading from the building complex to the sea.The entire complex is surrounded by a fence of limestone slabs.

The summerhouse complex has all the necessary utilities: electricity, a borehole, hot water. The complex can be easily reached from the road nearby, as well as by a yacht or a motor boat, since there is pier close by.
This will be an ideal place for summer recreation for both the family and a larger number of visitors.