Information for the seller

In sales of the realty object (land, buildings, apartment, etc.) the notary should receive:

1. State Enterprise Centre of Registers certificate about the registration of the realty object and real rights to it (optional);

2. Ownership documents (purchase agreement, donation agreement, the right of inheritance certificate, etc.);

3. If selling the land – plan of the land, prepared according to the law (including the seal from the planning department and the seal of State Enterprise Centre of Registers stating that the boundaries of the land are marked in the cadastre map and / or the seal of the garden community’s Chairman)

4. If the selling property is the only accommodation of the family and the owner of the property has minor children, a court approval to sell the property is required;

5. Identity documents of the seller and the buyer. If the property is acquired during the marriage (except the donation / inheritance cases), the participation of the other spouse is required, regardless the fact that the property is registered on behalf of one of the spouses; if the property is acquired before the marriage or by donation / inheritance, a written permission of the other spouse is required;

6. Certificate of Tax payment from the community of apartments (garages, gardens);

7. If the property is owned by a partial ownership – a notarial waiver of the co-owners to buy the buyable part by the right of priority is required.

Sellers, willing to sell the object, appeal to the notary, who orders a revision of the data for the contract by telecommunications facilities in the State Enterprise Centre of Registers, which is valid for 30 days. The revision of the data is obtained within 8 working hours or 3 working days (the price of the Centre of Registers services is from 22.50 Litas). The price of the notary services is 0.45 percent from the amount of real estate contract, but no less than 100 Litas and no more than 20 000 Litas.